The Best Acne Clearing Routine In Kenya

Malezia-Benzoyl-Peroxide-Gel-Fungal-Acne nalela hair and beauty

I know the struggle.. You’ve tried almost everything, and absolutely nothing seems to work at clearing your acne and hyperpigmentation. I’m here to tell you what you could use that would work. PS; this whole routine is fungal acne safe! tl,dr; here are the products! Cleanser When you have acne, a good idea is to […]

Patch Testing: What It Is, Why You Should You Do It, & How To Patch Test

how to patch test

Patch Testing 101 Well, well, well… I’m choosing violence on this one. How many people rush to buy new skincare products and slather them ALL over their faces IMMEDIATELY then wake up the next morning with cystic pimples and go “what on earth did i do wrong😭?” via GIPHY Stop it! Learn how to patch […]

Should You Apply Tretinoin On Your Eyelids?

Applying Tretinoin on Eyelids- Yes or No? The million dollar question– rather, the question to which one wrong move could leave you with painfully irritated eyelids, yikes! The one place nobody wants to get wrinkles is around their eyes, but should you apply tretinoin right on the eyelids? As always, if you’d rather watch the […]

All About Slugging


If you’re struggling with perennially dry skin no matter what you try to do, slugging might be the key to you achieving supple, moisturized and glowing skin. And no, I don’t mean slathering a slug’s goo all over your face…   Sometimes the dullness, dryness, and irritated skin with acne might be easily cured by […]

How To Apply Tretinoin Using Short Contact Therapy

acnesol tretinoin cream

Swiftly moving on with other methods to apply tretinoin! This one is a isn’t as widely known, but is a really great method to use as a beginner! As always, here’s a video detailing Short Contact Therapy (SCT) for all those that prefer watching to reading… @nalelahair time to learn about short contact therapy #tiktokkenya […]

How To Apply Tretinoin As A Beginner: The Sandwich Method

Time to talk about how to apply tretinoin (as a fresh-eyed beginner that has no idea what horrors may follow with the wrong kind of application😩) Here’s a detailed video for all those that prefer a visual explanation: @nalelahairpart 3 on all about tretinoin! (yup, there are many more parts to go) ##nairobi ##kenyatiktok ##fyp […]

What You Need To Know When Starting Acnesol (Tretinoin): Part 2

acnesol tretinoin cream

Still talking about the wonders of Vitamin A💗 With the lack of information on how to use Tretinoin in Kenya, it’s very easy for someone to rush into purchasing it without knowing some basic information on the basics! What do you need to know before purchasing Acnesol (Tretinoin)? Don’t like reading? Check out this video […]

All About The Magical Product, Tretinoin (Acnesol) Part 1

If only I had a penny for the number of times I’ve been asked about this magical cream, I’d have no pending mobile loan right now… Well, I’m kidding with that, but not about the number of queries I’ve had about this cream. In the next couple of posts, I’ll be talking about tretinoin cream, […]

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