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Should You Apply Tretinoin On Your Eyelids?

Applying Tretinoin on Eyelids- Yes or No? The million dollar question– rather, the question to which one wrong move could leave you with painfully irritated eyelids, yikes! The one place nobody wants to get wrinkles is around their eyes, but should you apply tretinoin right on the eyelids? As always, if you’d rather watch the […]

How To Apply Tretinoin Using Short Contact Therapy

acnesol tretinoin cream

Swiftly moving on with other methods to apply tretinoin! This one is a isn’t as widely known, but is a really great method to use as a beginner! As always, here’s a video detailing Short Contact Therapy (SCT) for all those that prefer watching to reading… @nalelahair time to learn about short contact therapy #tiktokkenya […]

How To Apply Tretinoin As A Beginner: The Sandwich Method

Time to talk about how to apply tretinoin (as a fresh-eyed beginner that has no idea what horrors may follow with the wrong kind of applicationšŸ˜©) Here’s a detailed video for all those that prefer a visual explanation: @nalelahairpart 3 on all about tretinoin! (yup, there are many more parts to go) ##nairobi ##kenyatiktok ##fyp […]

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