Should You Apply Tretinoin On Your Eyelids?

Applying Tretinoin on Eyelids- Yes or No?

tretinoin on eyelids

The million dollar question– rather, the question to which one wrong move could leave you with painfully irritated eyelids, yikes!

The one place nobody wants to get wrinkles is around their eyes, but should you apply tretinoin right on the eyelids?

As always, if you’d rather watch the video, here it is:

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The short answer- No.

The long answer…

The skin around your eye area is very thin and can be easily irritated in comparison to the skin on the rest of your face. When you apply tretinoin on your face, it tends to migrate, i.e., move, to other areas. Therefore, you will still end up with some tretinoin around your eyelids. This small amount is more than enough at giving you the excellent anti aging benefits.

Nobody wants flaky eyelids!


Instead of choosing to apply tretinoin smack right on your eyelids, consider this instead. If you want to keep the your eye area looking young and supple, ensure to moisturize well or even use an eye cream. Trust me, the tretinoin that you apply will still get there and you shall reap the benefits.


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